The Book

Magical Power Of Numbers is an gripping study of numbers and their impact on human life. This book is a proven fact to how does our Date Of Birth steers our entire life. The book has been written in a simple language so that even a layman can understand and implement this science in everyday life. Notably, this book may caters to the people of all age groups. Besides, Magical Power of Numbers is an ideal gift for the ones aspiring to flourish in the areas of education, career, finance, personal relations and health. Another highlight of the book is that it is not meant specifically for any class, religion or set of people. This unprejudiced book is a worthy read for every single person who wishes to prosper in every domain of life.



1. What is Numerology? 1

2. What is Birth Number? 11

3. Number Guidance for 1 Birth Number People 15

4. Number Guidance for 2 Birth Number People 27

5. Number Guidance for 3 Birth Number People 37

6. Number Guidance for 4 Birth Number People 47

7. Number Guidance for 5 Birth Number People 57

8. Number Guidance for 6 Birth Number People 67

9. Number Guidance for 7 Birth Number People 77

10. Number Guidance for 8 Birth Number People 87

xiv Magical Power of Numbers

11. Number Guidance for 9 Birth Number People 97

12. Numerology and House Number 107

13. Numerology And Parenting 119

14. Numerology and MobileNumber 127

Acknowledgements 133

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